The Monster Within!

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This Saturday is the launch party for Enigma Front: The Monster Within, the third short story anthology in the Enigma Front series by Analemma Books. Not to brag (okay, I’ve been told I have to brag because this is my platform and such) but I’m proud to have had a story in each of them.

In The Monster Within, my story is a Y.A. horror called “A Budgie Named Karloff” about a girl whose pet bird becomes possessed by a demon. It’s darkly silly and sweet, very different from the historical body horror of “They Split Apart” which I contributed to the first Enigma Front, or the apocalyptic ghost story “The Red Bulb” in Enigma Front: Burnt, both of which are still available in the links above.

This time around, I was also on the editing team, something I’ve never done before and found rewarding. There are some wonderful writers in this instalment, 22 in all. I can’t recommend their stories enough. If you enjoy them as much as I did, please consider giving an Amazon review. It’ll help all of us out.



Monster Rises front cover

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