Enigma Front: Burnt is out and catching fire!

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“Caution: Don’t burn your fingers turning the pages of this action-packed volume! From elemental wizardry gone wickedly wrong to devilish deeds and futures up in flames, these twenty one stories set the pages ablaze exploring the myriad ways of getting singed, fried and outright incinerated. Read stories by established, award-winning authors, as well as newly ignited lights in the creative universe. Flames, acid, radiation, steam, broken hearts and broken deals… NOW, EVERYTHING BURNS!”


This has been out for a bit, actually. I wanted to wait until the other authors had made a post, so that mine might act as a signal booster rather than white noise. For anyone who doesn’t already know, I have a story in this anthology, called “The Red Bulb” involving ghosts, activism, canned food, photography and doom.

They’re $12.99 right now. I have six copies, (let me know if you want one) there will be copies available at the When Words Collide festival this weekend and I think also at The Sentry Box. It seems to be sold out on Amazon.ca right now (huzzah!) but check back soon. It is definitely available on Amazon.com, however.

Also, there are still copies of last year’s Enigma Front. Those too will be at WWC and at Amazon.ca and .com

enigma front 3 May 22 small

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