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Chugging along…

For the past month, I’ve been working on two horror novels, the first draft of a new novel (let’s call that Novel B) and the second draft of the one I wrote in the fall (call it Novel A) The idea between switching projects partway through the day was to prevent blockage. It was a good system, I think, and I put a lot of hours into both books. It felt satisfying. I’ve had to set aside Novel B recently, though, because I might have a real chance to pitch Novel A to publishers and agents in mid August at the When Words Collide festival.

My output for the second draft of Novel A has been pretty consistent, and I’m staying as focused (if not more focused) than normal, but I’m still not finishing the work as quickly as I’d like. There’s always a scene to take out or a new scene to add or some inconsistencies to sort out. All of this may be a matter of practice making perfect, or it may be completely normal at any stage of the game. We’ll see. At the very least, I want to make sure by mid August that all the plot threads are where they ought to be, which has been my big focus with this draft, and that the first few chapters are polished up. Anything new I can bring in for professional feedback will help.

I also want to write a few more fake Frankenstein movie reviews for this blog, because that is way more fun than project updates. Stay tuned… or… some better figure of speech that has something to do with train imagery…


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