10 life lessons from Les Miserables

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(The musical. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t read the novel yet.)

10. Rehabilitation for former inmates saves lives.

9. Rights for sex workers save lives.

8. Counseling for cops saves lives.

7. If you think soldiers might start shooting at you, don’t bring the eleven-year-old along.

6. You will run into all the same people even if you relocate to another town and change your identity. Twice.

5. If your own government doesn’t care about your career goals, chances are that balls of gas located thousands of light years away don’t either.

4. Teenage boys can make a surprisingly solid wall by stacking furniture haphazardly in the middle of the street.

3. Sociopathic child abusers can work as comic relief if you need it badly enough.

2. Two steps forward, two steps back. It’s a decent metaphor for the politics of the time period and prevents everyone from falling into the orchestra pit.

1. Lifting a vehicle in front of your arch enemy undermines your secret identity but, you know, great power comes with great responsibility.


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