Calgary Expo: Sunday

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Today I saw Teddy Wilson and Ajay Fry do a presentation and Q&A about hosting InnerSPACE, then we saw an interview with Gwendoline Christie, which was fun. She never laughs on Game Of Thrones because Brienne Of Tarth is deadly serious pretty much all the time, but Christie has a fantastic laugh. I can’t wait to see her in plenty of other projects, especially Star Wars. I wanna see Star Wars. I teared up when I saw the newest Star Wars trailer…… Don’t give me that look. Also, Gwendoline Christie is amazing.

I saw my old Ryerson classmate Marco Bucci, who had a booth to sell his artwork. Most of it was sold by the time we got there, which isn’t surprising, since I went to go say hi yesterday and his booth was packed with people. I now have a book of his travel sketches, and he’s sending me a great print of the grim reaper with a cute little skeleton. Neat.

The last panel I attended this weekend was Social Media And Marketing For Creative Types, presented by Stephanie Chan. Unfortunately my pen ran out, because it was the one discussion where I really wanted to take notes. We went home soon after, because the convention closed 15 minutes after the panel was done, but like a total nerd (who just came home from a literal nerd convention) I sat down on the couch and immediately jotted down a bunch of notes. Yep.

My calves hurt, but I’m happy. It was a good weekend.


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