Calgary Expo: Saturday

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Where to begin… What did I do today? It’s all been a bit of a blur. This morning I went to Adam’s fairytale lawyers musical at the courthouse, which was adorable by the way.

I went to a talk about the local LARPing community, which I kinda want to join for various reason, all of which are pretty reasonable as far as I’m concerned, but also because it looks like so much immersive fun. Most of my friends went on to see Arthur Darvill from Doctor Who (which I hear was a good interview) but I skipped it in favour of a panel on horror writing, which was a well done panel. The authors in the discussion may have at least in part quelled by mistrust of the self-publishing process.

After, a bunch of us went to a live new episode reading of Cracked Video’s show After Hours, with the theme of “children’s movies that send terrible messages to children.” Funny as usual, and they requested extra input from the audience, which isn’t something you usually get in an online comedy sketch.

After that, I was going to go to an education panel called Building Your Audience but ended up at the Spotlight On Rosario Dawson instead. She was fantastic. I’ll be honest, I’ve only seen two of her movies and she only played a central character in one of those. I want to watch all her movies now, which says something about the power of getting out there and connecting directly with the public to increase one’s fanbase. She’s pretty cool, and thankfully no one asked any questions or made any comments in the Q&A about how gorgeous she is. It’s a big pet peeve of mine when audiences do that to an actress. The good ones work hard at what they do, and that work should really speak for itself, no matter how impressive their beauty.

There were a couple of other events I wanted to do but everyone was pretty tired and I didn’t know anyone who participated in the costume contest. Also, Adam and I hadn’t eaten other than a couple of granola bars. The lineups at the food trucks on Expo Saturday are always nuts.

I talked with Ajay Fry from Innerspace for a few seconds, which was cool, and it didn’t even involve standing in line.

Tomorrow I have to choose between watching an interview with Gwendoline Christie, who plays the wonderful Brienne Of Tarth in Game Of Thrones, and a discussion about a new subgenre of science fiction that focuses on climate change. Tough choices. I may have to clip a coin.

These are the official Calgary Expo nail wraps, which are meant to look like pages from comic books. The tops of them, in glittery colour, are the words Crash! Wham! Zoom! and Splat! with Pow! on the thumbs. The effect would be more impressive if I kept my nails long, but I think it still works.

Calgary Expo nails

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