Calgary Expo: Friday

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Writing this post late at night. Early morning tomorrow. This’ll be quick and messy. (that’s what… someone… said?) Expect grammatical errors.

A bunch of us saw a live interview with Neil Patrick Harris today and some actors from Once Upon A Time, and I met Tom Kenny, who signed my Mission Hill dvd and who did mini personalized voice performances for just about everyone. Nice man. Super approachable.

The Parade Of Wonders and opening ceremony was this morning downtown. Thursday was apparently more of a ‘sneak peak’ evening.

Went to a bunch of panels today about various things like storytelling in comics, and the Breakerhead engineering and art festival (which I’ve always wanted to go to in the fall but always ended up missing it) and I ran into cool people such as a writing buddy of mine who is also incidentally editing one of my short stories for an anthology he’s co-organizing  (Oh yeah, a story of mine is getting published! Did I forget to mention that?)

And I saw some beautiful costumes and silly costumes and costumes that must have taken months to make, but that’s a given at a comics/sci-fi/fantasy/games convention. Oh, and I saw some gorgeous art and illustration at Artist Alley, or one of the Artist Alleys. Details to come.

Also I almost got pulled into an argument about Calgary Expo via Twitter with one of those morons who believes that men who play videogames can threaten women in the name of ethics, and that speaking up against those bullies infringes on their right to free speech. He didn’t threaten me, but I’m amazed that those people even bother trying to get involved with Calgary Expo, which has a blatant pro-equality anti-harassment… thingy… policy! That’s the word I was looking for.

Tomorrow (or today now, I guess) morning I’m going to drop in at one of the Law Day educational events, namely a play in which Cinderella sues Elsa from Frozen (or the other way around) and the Little Mermaid is one of the lawyers and the judge is the Genie from Aladdin, played my beloved Adam Drew, who reportedly will keep his blue facepaint on after the play and wear it to Calgary Expo to cosplay as Beast from X-Men.

This is a link to pictures from Expo so far:

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