Calgary Expo: Thursday

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I got there early. I got there early because we have Deluxe passes and that means we can be there an hour early before everybody else, except for the volunteers who have to slave away as soon as the sun rises, and the V.I.P pass holders who get to do whatever the hell they want.

Expo is my Spring Christmas, just as Calgary Folk Festival is my Summer Christmas, and Christmas is my Christmas Christmas. All involve seeing lots of people, nifty gifty things, spending more than we intended to spend on said gifty things, making confusing plans with people we love and going along with a schedule that we didn’t make. The nerd-culture celebrities are my Santa Clauses, and just as real/invented/awesome.

Tonight we saw Jewel Staite talk for a bit, and for a shorter bit we saw our friend John Knight teach people to pretend to fight one another, as one would do on stage or on film. We walked around. We talked to people. A coworker from my days at Blockbuster was there, which was nice because I miss her and it’s been a few years.

We didn’t intend on buying a Dalek WW2ish “To Victory!” poster, but we did, and we’ll probably put it where I currently keep a poster of the Cheshire Cat. I also bought a bumper sticker referencing Serenity that says “Define ‘interesting'” followed by a fake entry in a dictionary, in which “interesting” is defined as “Oh God, Oh God, we’re all gonna die.” *  I don’t have a car. This bumper sticker is for my laptop, and will hopefully be the envy of the other writers in the Calgary group doing National Novel Writing Month, which is my Autumn Christmas.


*I swear that I don’t go to Expo to shop (I go for the panels) but that poster and that bumper sticker were irresistible.

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