7 concepts I would like to pitch that would never be greenlit in a million years:

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7. A secularized movie version of the story of Saint Ursula.
(Pirates Of The Caribbean meets Bridesmaids)

6. A love story about two first world war soldiers who fictionally inspire Tolkien to write Frodo and Sam.

5. A history book about accidentely progressive works by otherwise content creators.

4. A centuries-long epic about one family that never becomes famous and never changes the course of civilization.

3. A series based on the Little Orphan Annie comics, set in the 30s, bookended with a story set in current times with an elderly Ann Warbucks looking to find the next pulp adventure kid hero to continue her legacy. No singing required, although some Wonka-style tests wouldn’t go amiss.

2. One single episode of Doctor Who that takes place in Canada. Anywhere in Canada, at any point in history.
(Co-creator Sydney Newman was Canadian, yet it hasn’t happened once in all the 50 years of the show.)

1. A 3-D animated princess movie based on The Princess And The Pea, in which she needs to save the world in her sleep… too bad Disney only takes scripts through agents. I’d call it “Awoken”


(Image courtesy of Doris Antony, via Wikimedia Commons)

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