Janu-re-writing (or something) day 1

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I’m taking an architectural approach, if that isn’t too pretentious a term, for the new rewrites of my oldest novel. In November I had a eureka moment and now I’m implementing it, but first I’m breaking down the individual character arcs and thematic arcs as if they were beams to support the story and blah blah blah. No one likes to hear about process unless they specifically ask (and the one person I know who asks most often tends to not listen to the answer so she can ask again later. It’s a brilliant plan, on her part) but I think this is going to work out okay and make the book better in the long run.

Also, I now have an incentive plan to make sure that my characters speak and act like individual people. I did a fancy nail art thing to my nails (in sticker form. I’m not that patient) and I’ve re-written all the character profiles in list form. Whenever something in my novel corresponds to what I’m trying to say about that character according to the list, I’m going to add some colour to the nail art with what is apparently a nail art pen. It’s immediate, it’s cheap, and my fingers will (presumably) look cool when I type fast.

Here’s the basic background:

day one fingers

Also, my main New Year’s resolution is to get more involved in the community now that I can. Went to a meeting with a writers’ club last night. More things to come, oddly-painted fingers crossed.

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