proof the human species hasn’t physically done evolving

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Today we gave a bunch of money to a man who filled me with drugs and allowed another man to take a knife to the inside of my mouth for a half hour. Oh yeah, we paid that guy too. We will be getting most of the money back because while we are not done evolving, thus the need for this odd event, we as a society can be pretty damned civilized even as we ask virtual strangers to mine our heads for precious ivory.

Writing tongue-in-cheek (not literally today, ouch) horror may have changed how I look at the world, though more likely it allowed me to be more vocally twisted.

So yeah… I’m feeling worn out and my mouth is stuffed with gauze and I’m holding ice packs to my cheeks, but I’ve been told that my wisdom teeth extraction was a success.

In other news, I have begun work on some short stories with a tight deadline, and so far they’re fun to write. The pain medication I’m on will hopefully slow things down no more than maybe some weird grammar and typos.

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