NaNoWriMo 2014 day 26

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Words today: 2,381

Total words so far: 66,500

Working on this new novel has been a challenge today, as yesterday I came up with a peachy keen way of solving most (if not all) of the problems (that I know about) that I had with my previous novel, which I was painstakingly rewriting on and off between my most recent batch of screenplay submissions and prep for this year’s NaNo. I’m excited about this old-novel-related revelation. The content will mostly be the same but I’ll use a different format and style that I believe will suit the story much, much better. In the heat of this excitement over that old novel at the expense of the one I should be writing today, I spent way too long doing research. I didn’t sleep much last night, just imagining this new rewrite of the older novel. I love my job. All that aside, I still got an acceptable number of words in today for the new novel, as I mention above.

By the way, on day 21 of the NaNoWriMo challenge when I took the day off writing for the sake of being able to sleep, I wasn’t completely unproductive. I used part of the evening to paint a game miniature of a Minotaur, which I might never use in an actual game, but you never know. I have attached the photos of said mini Minotaur below, and yes, it is a Holstein, because I find the combination of menacing and cute to be hilarious.

Holstein Minotaur front
Holstein Minotaur front
Holstein Minotaur back
Holstein Minotaur back

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