excited for All Hallows Read

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This year I’m participating in All Hallows Read, which is a new tradition that only started a few years ago, not as an alternative to older Halloween traditions but in addition to, in the way that Elf On The Shelf is a creepy new addition to all the millions of existing Christmas traditions. It goes like this: on Halloween, give a scary story to someone who might like that scary story. That’s it. It’s simple. Procrastinating from my current batch of rewrites, I’m going through my own bookshelf to find books to give to my friends. So far, I’ve set aside only four books that I love and am willing to part with. That’s a tough combination for someone who likes to keep every bit of written material, except for flyers, “just in case.” One of the books I’ve chosen is Clive Barker’s first novel, “The Damnation Game”. By the way, it is that prolific author’s birthday. On the miniscule chance that he’s reading this: Happy Birthday Clive Barker!

For anyone interested in All Hallows Read, this is the official info site. Watch the Neil Gaiman video. Gawd I love that guy… http://www.allhallowsread.com


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