Calgary International Film Festival, days 5 and 6

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Around The World In Animation: by a whole bunch of directors = cell, stop-motion, and digital animated shorts. My favourites were “The Tide Keeper” a puppet/stop-motion/live-action experimental or possibly horror film from New Zealand involving a sleeping man, his boating equipment, and all his model ships, and “Yearbook”, from the US, about a man in charge of compiling all of human history into a finite databank by the most literal of deadlines.

@deadlytoque’s #clickbaitmovies description: Around the World/Animation: Countries around the world sent animation. Stay put until the very end!

Big News From Grand Rock: by Daniel Perlmutter = a quirky comedy of desperation and ambition, of politics and ethical journalism, a boy-who-cried-wolf tale, a slice of small town Ontario, fun with the Pinsent family. Cute.

@deadlytoque’s #clickbaitmovies description: Big News From Grand Rock: You won’t believe what this small-town reporter does to make deadlines!

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