Calgary International Film Festival, day 4

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Of Horses and Men: by Benedikt Erlingsson = sex and death on the planes of Rohan, I mean Iceland. Oh, and it’s a comedy. Sort of. The story comprises of intertwining vignettes, like Magnolia or Sin City, but with horses and horse-ranchers, and bootleg vodka. Odd. Worth a watch.

@deadlytoque’s #clickbaitmovies description: Of Horses & Men: This Icelandic horse-ranching community has a secret, and it might just shock you.

Short, Fast & Funny: by a whole bunch of directors, since it is a series of shorts from around the world. My favourites were The Portal, a Canadian movie by Jonathan Williams featuring Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse) which is an efficiently told fantasy romcom with fun special effects, The Fascist, a film from Finland which features a classic joke in a way that none of the audience members saw coming, and an American short called The Gunfighter, featuring the voice of Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation, Axe Cop) which I had seen before but it’s funny every time.

@deadlytoque’s #clickbaitmovies description: Short, Fast, & Funny: these people went to watch “short films.” What they saw will make you laugh!

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