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On Friday, after some more rewrites, I sent out query letters for my drama television pilot to a small and carefully selected group of recipients, including an actor who would be the most perfect casting choice as the lead and who has producing experience. I asked if I could send them a four-page synopsis of the pilot, rather than burdening them with the script itself right off the bat. If they like the synopsis then they’ll want to read the script. If not, then that’s fine. There are no expiry dates on scripts. If I can’t sell that one now, maybe I’ll be able to sell it once I have more paid experience, however long that takes.

For now, I’m getting back (once again) to my novel rewrites. I can complete this current draft soon. I have a new novel to start this year for NaNoWriMo. This time around, I’m going to be more organized with my first draft. I outlined quite a bit last time, but rather than being thorough, I ended up making the story try to do too many things at once, and the result was messy despite knowing where I wanted the story to go. Now, instead of making too many things happen, I’m trying to be more clear about each scene in advance. Hopefully that’ll do the trick. In the new year, I’m planning on writing a third novel, based on a screenplay that I wrote back in 2009. It took a while to realize this, but it will make a better book than movie. The monologues and narration should have given that away, but I’ve learned a lot since.


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