Calgary International Film Festival, days 1 – 3

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The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet: by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie, Micmacs) = a road movie, an adventure, a comedy, a family drama, the daydream every oddball child has when they can’t talk to their loved ones directly about things that need to be said. Charming, whimsical, more intelligent than it needs to be, and all the better for it.

@deadlytoque’s #clickbaitmovies description: “TS Spivet: Boy wins a prestigious award; what he says in his acceptance speech will break yr heart.”

LFO: by Antonio Tublen = disturbing, claustrophobic, darkly funny, sad, a great origin story for a villain. Trigger warnings if the series Dollhouse triggers you. Not a masterpiece, but worth a watch.

@deadlytoque’s #clickbaitmovies description: “LFO: Swedish man discovers weird trick involving sound; what he does with it will blow your mind!”

God Help The Girl: by Stuart Murdoch (of the band Belle and Sebastian) = a musical that manages to both avoid and lampshade chiches, that rises above the usual tired and misinformed narratives about eating disorders and mental illness in general. It looks pretty and sounds pretty, but the stakes are too low for everyone but the protagonist and that seriously weakens the dramatic impact. Both the script and the songs are clever even while meandering, but neither will get stuck in your head. Not the game-changer it wants to be.

@deadlytoque’s #clickbaitmovies description: “God Help the Girl: Three manic pixies meet in Glasgow; the life they change might be yours.”

Project M: by Eric Piccoli = a team of Quebecois astronauts stay in orbit for 1000 days as a test run for an even more large-scale mission, and human nature messes everything up… but not in the way you expect. There are the two usual types of Trapped In Space stories, the “gosh darnit isn’t humanity wonderful?” kind, and the “humanity is doomed. DOOOOOOOMED” kind. Project M is refreshingly neither while poking at the boundaries of both. Owes a lot to Moon and Sunshine, but different enough to stand on its own. Tres cool.

@deadlytoque’s #clickbaitmovies description: “Project M: 4 scientists go to space looking for water. What they find instead will blow your mind!”

Maps To The Stars: by David Cronenberg (the guy is a legend. If you don`t know his work, Google him.) How to describe without spoilers… Two houses, both alike in fame and messed-up-ness, ghosts and/or hallucinations, history repeating itself, child murder, weird massage therapy, fantastic acting. Mia Masikowska is remarkable as always and her performance here is particularly… incendiary, although she risks being typecast after this and her role in Stoker. Unless you can’t handle creepiness, I highly recommend the film.

@deadlytoque’s #clickbaitmovies description: “Maps to the Stars: Cronenberg made a movie, and what happened next will literally blow your mind.”

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