scriptwriter’s club and a new project

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Tonight I’m heading out to the Calgary Society Of Independent Filmmakers’ Scriptwriters Club. It’s been a while, but I miss those guys, and self-isolation isn’t always good for a writer.

Today I wrote the first pass at a script for a short film. I used to do shorts a lot more, but then I figured out that I don’t particularly like directing. If you’re a director and want to make a 10 minute no-budget horror movie involving a child, give me a shout and send over your demo reel. This story has elements of Little Match Girl and Oliver Twist, but with some supernatural gruesomeness.

In non-writing news, I’m going to be trying out a couple of recipes from this cookbook: Specifically, something called burek (a savoury filled pastry) from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and ceviche de corvina (a cold, chunky and spicy fish dish) from the Pacific coast of Peru. I won’t have time to make either of them before my meeting tonight, but I’ll do one tomorrow. Standby for a review of how it went.


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