guys. guys! did you see Orphan Black two weeks ago?

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I do try to stay on top of things, but the season finale of Orphan Black took place smack dab in the middle of The Great American Pitchfest, so I PVRed it to watch for after the conference/my roadtrip. Spoilers don’t generally bother me, but I did manage to avoid reading the i09 article. I loved the episode, but to tell the truth, to say it changes everything is a bit of a stretch.


Dude clones as disposable soldiers or supersoldiers is a way older trope than lady clones (and Tony) exploring their origins, purpose, and the boundaries between design, fluke, and nurture in their various identities. It’s actually way more surprising that the military thing wasn’t introduced much earlier. Also, it’s already established that Sarah, her sisters, and her daughter, have super-healing powers, at least when it comes to external injuries, which practically¬†screams “they’re making super soldiers!” from way back in Season One when Kira gets hit by that car. Speaking of healing, a lot of fans are excited to see Rachel wearing a patch after getting stabbed in the eyeball, but it’s entirely possible that she might not need one.

I know it’s indulgent, and kinda showoffy, but I loved the Clone Club dance party. After Sarah escapes with Kira and she finally introduces Helena to the sisterhood (which is a great reversal of what she did to Helena in the Season One finale) they all get a moment to kick back and enjoy their relative safety. Tatiana Maslany playing four different characters dancing together, along with Felix and little Kira. Anything else I can say about the scene itself has already been said, but this behind the scenes vid is great:

And then there’s this little gem of a video. The description on this page calls it Muppet Babies-esque, which is exactly what came to mind when I saw it on YouTube.

More great shows should be given the Muppet Babies treatment, right? Wait, nevermind…

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