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I’ve been putting this post off for a while, partly because I’ve been told not to tell the entire internet when I’m out of town (home security and all that, as if this little apartment is worth stealing from) and partly because I wanted to put all my energy into my participation at The Great American Pitchfest, an epic road trip up the Pacific coastline that I’d scheduled for right afterwards, and some rewrites on one of my pilot scripts because… (drum roll please) I got three script requests! Having three people want to read a thing I’ve been sweating over for however long doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I didn’t get any requests last year. Incidentally, I still have a sci-fi comedy feature script about alien abductions that’s up for grabs. I finished those pilot rewrites today, but I want to have a quick look at it in the morning before I send it on its way. Sending a script to an executive of a production company is, I imagine, like sending one’s child to school for the first time. I’m excited about it, but it’s a little nerve-wracking.

Back to Pitchfest, if you ever get the opportunity to take a course or workshop with Pilar Alessandra or Carole Kirschner, do it. They’re fantastic. And do Pitchfest next year if you’re an emerging screenwriter. https://pitchfest.com/ At the very least, you’ll meet lots of others in the same boat as you. It’s affirming. If you’re lucky, and prepared, you might even get a sale.

Side Note: I recommend bringing a sweater or blazer even though it takes place in Burbank in the summer. As a Canadian, and as someone whose home thermostat is a little wonky (see? no thief would bother breaking in here when there are nice, juicy oil baron houses to pick on) I’m used to wearing summer clothes indoors, which can then be covered under layer after insulating layer for going outside. The default conditions that I’m used to are outside=cold and inside=toasty. In L.A., it’s the other way around. Takes some getting used to.

The road trip was fantastic. After a day touring around L.A., we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco (which was gorgeous) then through Avenue of the Giants. We stayed in Arcata and Sutherlin although we stopped in lots of other little towns along the way. We stayed in Portland for three days. Portland is a blast. Part of me wants to move there, although that wouldn’t be practical. Then it was up to Seattle to tour around and to visit some friends of mine (wonderful people) that I haven’t seen since I was fifteen. If you’re ever in the area, check out the EMP Museum, especially its Science Fiction and Horror sections. I nerded out a little… Flew home from Seattle the night after yesterday. I love travel, but it’s good to be with my pets and bed once again.

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