quicksilver and eisenstein

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Finally saw X-Men Days Of Future Past. Not a masterpiece, but I quite enjoyed it. Some people have complained about the logic of the time travel plot but… it’s a time travel plot. Those are never logically sound. A time travel story that works, works because it highlights character arcs by contrasting more and less experienced versions of the same characters. That’s why I also liked Looper, even though that received quite a bit of flack for its logical inconsistencies. Looper is a character piece with guns, and Rian Johnson dialogue. Total non sequitur: watch Rian Johnson’s other films, Brick, and The Brothers Bloom. I’m completely in love with both those movies. Non sequitur over.

I get the impression that in the comics, Quicksilver isn’t that popular a character, yet he stole every scene he was in. The next time someone makes the claim that book stories are always better than movie stories, I’m going to use that guy as part of an argument. Books don’t do time well. An author can certainly space things out to encourage readers to have a particular sense of time, but that only translates so far. To steal a thought from Sergei Eisenstein (you can blame him for the baby-carriage-rolling-into-danger trope)   film is more like music. In music and in film, pacing is vital to the feel of the overall piece, and they do those things well because time is an integral part of those art forms. You can describe, and draw in the case of comics, the point of view of someone who sees life happening at a snail’s pace, but it can be hilarious if you can watch that time play out. 

Thus endeth the movie nerd rant.


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