early summer cold

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Someone (you know who you are) passed a bad cold on to me that he got at work. He made it up to me by making lunch and dinner, which I greatly appreciate (thank you!) especially the homemade salsa. It occurred to me after years of studying French that the word for the common cold and the word for rum are almost identical, and so I’m partly treating my symptoms with hot toddy. Bought a great big blob of fresh ginger for the mixing of said medicinal cocktail. Found out that one can use a garlic press on fresh ginger quite nicely. Good to know. I’ll certainly make good use of this knowledge the next time I make a stir fry.

Worked a bit on that comedy treatment I mentioned in a previous post, and on prep for some meetings I’ll be having next weekend. As the Girl Guides say: Be Prepared.

Now for sleep, with hopefully a not-sore throat in the morning.


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