friday the 13th

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Last night, the delightful Toronto filmmaker Bryce Sage returned for 24 hours. It was a sleepy evening so we stayed in rather than hitting the town. We introduced him to The Venture Bros., which I’ve loved for years and years. (I once went to a Halloween party as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. No, I’m not posing the pictures.) We also introduced him to Adventure Time, which he seemed to like better. We had breakfast early this morning at Galaxie Diner I used to go there every Thursday with my friend Tiffany for all-day writing sprees before I officially started writing full time. They now have feta scramblers, as part of what looks like a deal with the Greek grocery store two doors down. I love my neighbourhood.

I spent the afternoon writing what is supposed to be a fifteen page treatment for a feature film. It’s a comedy, and I’d like to include as many of the running gags as possible so that the reader really gets a sense of the type of humour I’m going for, but that takes up a lot of space on the page, and now my page count is well over fifteen. I’ll go back tomorrow to pick and choose which beats to mention and which I can leave out, then I’m sending it in with my application for this thingy: Once again, fingers crossed. Metaphorical fingers, not the ones I type with.


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