two-person alumni weekend, and applying oneself

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Over the weekend, we played hosts to award-winning documentarian Bryce Sage a school friend who was travelling through on the way to the Banff World Media Festival We talked over the beats and plot points of a feature script he’s writing. I hope I get to read it when his next draft is done because it sounds hella fun (and by fun, I mean dark and edgy, but I have fun watching/reading dark and edgy things).

In other news, I sent off an application package to the Disney/ABC Writers Program today. The package included an updated resume (Thanks for your help, Charlotte!) the bio I mentioned in the previous post, forms that I filled out as slowly and carefully as I could, taking breaks to work on other things, because I didn’t want to find typos or missing/repeated words right before I’m supposed to send it out. It happens. Theirs is a year-long program in which participants are paid as employees, but I’m willing to work around any complications that might come from that. The girl at the post office says I should act as though I’m definitely getting in, despite the probably thousands of other applicants. I’m thankful for the support of a near-stranger but personally, I’d rather move on to the next goal and be maybe pleasantly surprised than fixated on not getting disappointed. There is always something to do.


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