can i rewrite a movie that’s been out for eight years?

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I didn’t write the movie Crank, but I wish I had, or at least I wish I could rewrite it, because the premise is neat:

“In trouble with the mob, a guy gets poisoned with stuff that makes his heart like the bus from Speed, which means he needs to be constantly stressed or he will die.”

That has promise, right? And it’s got Jason Statham in it, and he’s fun to watch. There’s some cool visual stylization… Here’s the problem: the protagonist could have had an amazing arc, and he doesn’t. The character starts out as a tough hit-man, so it’s not a stretch for him to have to do tough hit-manly things for a few hours. How fantastic would it be if the guy started out as a mostly-law-abiding person who worked for a long time to get an anxiety problem under control, and now to save his own life he has to let go and embrace that side of himself as well as be a total badass to get back at the people who did this to him? The ending can be the exact same, and most of the later action stuff. That would be a great movie.

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