nerdy good news and nerdy less-good news

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I finished the first draft of that cartoon pilot yesterday, and today I sent out invitations to my parent/teacher/kid friends for a reading in May. Unfortunately, most weekends before then have something going on. The first date I chose would have been during the Calgary Expo, which I don’t intend to miss.

There’s going to be a reunion for the cast of Aliens, and a big Lord Of The Rings event (not called a reunion, because only 10 important people from the production are expected to show up) The parade is happening again this year. Last year I took a kid who I was nannying for. He fist-bumped everyone in a superhero costume that we could find, and he sat on Darth Vader’s lap for a picture. Personally, as much as it’s great to have famous guests and fun costumes, I’m mostly in it for the panels and lectures. Learned quite a bit from them in the past.

I just found out that I am not one of the five finalists for The Dark Crystal Author Quest.

Best of luck to all of them. I’d say I’ll try again next year, but I’m pretty sure it was a one-time deal. Oh well.

One thought on “nerdy good news and nerdy less-good news

    Erin Sneath responded:
    March 21, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    And a few hours later I found out that I also didn’t win the 3-day novel challenge. That, however, is something I can try again for next year.

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