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I’m still working on the cartoon, after restarting it when I realized that it would be more visually and thematically interesting if it were set in a different time period and a specific location that is more dynamic and just plain cooler. I love where this is going. Even if I don’t sell the pilot at Pitchfest in June, and instead just use it as a portfolio piece (which was the original intention) I’m going to pitch it to animation studios afterward. This is the type of show I would have loved as a kid. When I’m done my current draft, I’ll have another Pizza And Table Read party, with kids among the guests to see if they like the story too.

Speaking of which, I forgot to mention earlier that the February 24th Pizza And Table Read party for my horror drama pilot worked out well. My wonderful friends laughed at all the jokes (there is always room for humour in a drama, I think) and offered great suggestions that I have taken to heart and implemented in an updated draft. I find that it helps to hear the dialogue out loud. Also, homemade pizza from scratch is fun to make.

Today, I learned that NBCUniversal has a 12-week program for people who want to become television staff writers. Or was that 12-step? Either way, I’m going to try my hand at applying for it.

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