tweet of the devil

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I just finished a brand-spanking-new draft of that television pilot, and went on to revising a bit of flash fiction for an alias. I like feeling like I’m achieving things, and there’s a new smiley-face sticker on my agenda to prove it.

In other news, I tweeted my 666th tweet today: I don’t know whether that’s supposed to be good luck or bad, although I did accidentally send a backup of some changes for the flash fiction story to the wrong email address. I made a typo in the address box. Oops.

I haven’t received a “failed to deliver” notification yet, but I hope I do. If not, it means I just sent a couple of nonsensical paragraphs to a stranger, and the content involves robots and violent things happening at an international conference, from the villain’s point of view, in first person narration. Thus endeth today’s lesson in “how to appear dangerously suspicious.”

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