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I finished and submitted my entry for the Dark Crystal Author Quest early, since I spent the holidays in Florida for the most part, with Mexico at Christmas, and the Cayman Islands for Boxing Day. Since then, I’ve submitted a couple of short stories to magazines and started rewriting a television drama pilot that I first wrote last summer for a workshop that was part of the When Words Collide festival. I’m going to rework that and write a second original pilot (and hopefully another spec script or two) in time for the Great American Pitchfest in June. I don’t have much in the way of plans for after, since so much of what I might want to do with my life will depend on those three days. Scary. At least I’ve already been to one of those events, so I have a sense of what to expect. Wish me luck. Oh yeah, and I now have a pen name for my horror fiction, to keep it separate from my screenwriting and non-fiction work.

2013 was rough. A good friend of mine died, and his absence has cast a shadow on all of us. My health has been a bit of a mess too, and I have yet to solve that problem. I have cautious hope for 2014, but plenty of it.

My one real regret with 2013 came this past Monday when I watched Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new show hitRECord On TV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl_wdODKGtM Watch it. It’s beautiful and inspiring and I’m going to ask my cable company to give me the channel that’ll be airing it as a series. I heard about this project months and months ago and loved the idea. I even set up an account at hitRECord.org with every intention of contributing where I could. I had no ideas at the top of my head in that moment for what would be appropriate to upload, so I told myself I would log back in soon and take a serious look at the requests for collaboration. I never did. Now the show has begun and I’ve missed the chance to be in it from the beginning, but I suspect that being a pack follower in that community will still be a great experience.

I have a theory about the lovely “Regular Joe”, and it goes like this: I’ve learned over the past few years that true creative leadership is more than a skill, but a talent of its own. Creative leadership in arts and entertainment that earns major personal loyalty and becomes culturally iconic and larger than the leaders themselves is a gift so rare that it doesn’t even happen every generation. Walt Disney had that talent, as problematic as he apparently was as a person. Jim Henson absolutely had it. George Lucas sort-of had it, but smothered it with his ego over time. My theory is that JGL has that talent, and that his work will be iconic for decades to come. Crowd-sourcing has been around for a while, but that level of excitement and unity and showmanship is jaw-dropping. Not only that, since he’s a former child star who survived reaching adulthood relatively intact, he knows how to handle fame and ego. He won’t be another George Lucas. Time will only tell if my prediction is correct, but I believe it’s a pretty educated guess.

Happy 2014, everyone.

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