rewrites, and productivity lull

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My body is having some trouble, and it requires a painkiller that’s slowing me right down and messing with my ability to focus. I enjoy being more comfortable, and it allowed me to go on a road trip in the American Southwest. Getting back to work has been a challenge.

I’m working on a rewrite for the novel I wrote last year. I’ve been trying to simplify it. My old draft was absurdly kitchen-sinkish. One of the problems was my protagonist’s overarching goal.

The goal itself was perfectly fine. She wants to go to a fancy foreign drama school but she lacks the funds and needs a scholarship. In the first draft, her school of choice was the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Most of my reasoning was, oddly, for CanCon reasons, since Canada is part of the Commonwealth.

After writing the draft, it occurred to me that Julliard made more sense. It’s just as well-known, and she can move there by car instead of by plane, and she can visit New York within the time of the novel. Except… the auditions are too early. Her audition has to be right before the climax, which can’t happen until the school play is done, and who performs their school play in first semester?

I could ignore the facts of the application process completely, but I don’t want to be one of those lazy writers who do that. For now, I’m searching for a good one-time excuse for a school to have their auditions later in the year.

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