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Part of me wants to put everything else on hold to rewrite and finish my pilot script because there is a deadline for a competition coming up soon and I seriously covet the prize. The other part of me wants to stop putting non-deadliny things on hold because I need to finish those too. A conundrum.

Then there’s the “the only time you’re writing is when you’re writing” versus “a writer’s work is 50% promotion.” I’m not sure how to translate both those things into a workable schedule. Translated literally, a full time writer works 16 hours a day, because if only writing equals writing, then writing full time must be 8 hours of writing, followed by the equivalent amount of time for promotion. The same people tend to say “if you don’t get out and live a little, you’ll just be writing about writing.” Putting all three notions together equals no sleep. Yet, sleep is important for the brain, and the brain is important for work. Does anyone have an answer to the write/promote/live/sleep problem?

Added later: Did I mention I’ve been conducting interviews for a couple of Answer Print articles?* Yesterday I was verbally outgunned by a guy who is probably a decade younger than I am. Luckily, he’s a genuinely nice fellow, but some of the words he used I had only ever seen in academic textbooks, and here we were chatting over ice tea at the Gratitude Cafe with a Mister Potato Head on the next table over. Enjoyably surreal.


* Answer Print is a quarterly film magazine published by the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers.

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