three synopses and a brainstorm

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More volunteering today for Calgary International Film Festival’s program guide. I tried to get the screener for one of them, but the powers that be can’t send me one until after the deadline, so I tried to described it accurately from the trailers, promotional materials, and interviews I could find. People describe the film as a dark comedy, but somewhere in the description I wanted to give a sense of the darkness to lightness ratio. I hope I guessed correctly.

I’m helping a friend with an article he is writing, and he feels he needs to let me know over and over that I won’t regret it. I have been screwed over by people before, but I somehow doubt he would. Too paranoid to step out of line 😉

added later: Oh yeah, I was also doing some brainstorming (thus “and a brainstorm”) for the next batch of short stories.

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