(moved from old blog) author’s interruption: wibbly wobbly scheduley weduley

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I did not want to put any more interruptions into [The Adventures of Margot D.] for a while. I am back from the conference, I no longer have to devote quite so much time to my screenplay, and I’m not exactly blocked. The Adventures of Margot D needs some words, dammit! I am, however, in a transition period with my schedule. I had to put a number of projects on the back burner over the past month and I’m getting back to all of them with a vengeance. On top of all that, I have a temporary but full-time day job. I love the job. I’m working for friends and as with other nanny gigs, I get to be personal assistant to someone who believes I’m the boss. It is a bit of a time kill, however. Perhaps these few weeks will function as a kind of fueling break that will propel me into awesomeness during my off-hours and afterwards when the gig is over. Knowing the kid in question, I will have plenty of inspiration as well as a fair bit of fun.

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