(moved from old blog) author’s interruption: first whole day in hollywood

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Jogging on Sunset Blvd was lovely this morning, but I suspect I’ll want to start earlier tomorrow. When it got too hot, I retreated to the more residential streets for shade. As predicted, I got lost, but not for long.

People are friendly for the most part. The guys seem to be more forward than I’m used to (not merely friendly) but I’ve decided to assume they are genuine or want to be noticed for career-related reasons rather than for creepy reasons. Hoping no one will prove me wrong.

I managed to get a private tour of the TCL (formerly known as Grauman’s) Chinese Theatre. It wasn’t supposed to be a private tour, but this is apparently the off season and I was the only one who bought a ticket for that time slot. The ongoing renovations are probably a factor as well. It’s still a working theatre, specializing in premiers. Right now they’re preparing to add a new IMAX screen. So many cinema traditions that we take for granted as concepts originated there. I nerded out a bit.

The tour guide, a British fellow who moved to L.A.to pursue an acting career, has become an indie filmmaker and writer. When I mentioned that I write horror, he gave me a couple of free back issues of the monster magazine he writes for, telling me they’re always looking for new writers. I’ll send them a query when I get home. Very glad it’s the off season.

Mostly, I’ve been exploring and indulging an addiction to water.

Dinner with a friend tonight. No particular plans for after. Will update again tomorrow.

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