(moved from old blog) author’s interruption: first night in hollywood

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I have arrived! By that I mean I’m staying at a hostel in Hollywood before this weekend’s The Great American Pitchfest. This is my first time here. In fact, I have only been to California once and that was last autumn. It’s new, in any case.

My flights were uneventful. I spent much of the time re-reading What They Don’t Teach You In Film School, in preparation for a weekend of script promoting. Near the end I had some amiable single-serving friends who live around here. If I were a guy, I could have gone with them from the airport. Not fair. The shuttle worked out fine, though.

I have five roommates but luckily they’re the partying kind, which means I get the room to myself for a while. Dinner was a vegan diner (I’m not even vegan) that is open late on Sunset Blvd. Yummy, filling fake chicken wrap with red cabbage slaw.

Not entirely sure what I’m doing for the next few days, and that’s fine by me. I have contacted some people I know here, and hopefully I’ll get to spend some time with them soon. There is one tour I would like to take, and a couple of obvious landmarks, and general wandering and getting lost as one does when one has my sense of direction.

Hoping to jog in the morning, but we’ll see.

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