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I’m on a break at my day job while my charge’s brain defrags (aka naptime) Two days ago I got my new writerly business cards. We loves them, precious. The background image looks like something from Contact, or the later Treks. The slogan under my name reads “On time, on topic, on demand.” Love it.

Here’s the catch: I probably had an opportunity to hand out a card or two yesterday and it completely slipped my mind. I’m not used to having them. I hardly gave out my previous (and hopelessly out of date by years) business cards, since they were all slightly embarrassing. These ones, however, look like I do stuff that people pay me to do.

If you know me and you’re reading this blog and you plan to see me in the next little while, please ask for my card. I need to get used to handing them out, and if my contact info is in your phone and you lose your phone, the card could come in handy.

If you think you might hire a freelance writer for anything (a script for your radio ad, articles to pad out your news letter, emails to loved ones on your behalf so they know you really care…) please take my card. Even if you never call me, it will make your bulletin board, or wherever you put people’s business cards, look colourful and chic. That’s my office interior design tip of the day.


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